Bramden Investments was founded in 2006 as the Private Equity arm of the DLA Group and is now a worldwide operator of companies spanning multiple online and offline markets.

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Many of the businesses within our portfolio started life as ideas...

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When it comes to acquisition our skill is in speed and efficiency...

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Our real strength lies in the post-investment activity...

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Bramden's history lies in start-up ventures. Many of the businesses within our existing portfolio started life as ideas, which have since grown into profitable companies. With a portfolio of cash generative businesses, Bramden is ideally placed in the current capital restrained markets to take advantage of opportunities where others cannot.

We differentiate ourselves from typical Private Equity Houses in that we do not adopt the "portfolio approach" of investing in 12 businesses per year with the expectation and acceptance that

some of those businesses will fail, but those losses will be outweighed by the "winners." We look for all of our investments to be successful... and, to date, they all have!

Our portfolio includes businesses in a broad range of sectors including Finance, Telecommunications, Digital Marketing, Property and Legal Services. This gives us a broad pool of "in-house" skills that we can utilise to provide our next start-up investment an unrivaled competitive advantage from the outset.

In under 3 years Vannin Capital has become the world's largest private equity backed Litigation Funder, handling litigation in 15 different countries with over £5.8bn of quantum under management

In conjunction with a highly experienced team of legal professionals, Bramden created Vannin Capital trading as

Vannin Capital is a specialist litigation funding provider which assists businesses, insolvency practitioners and law firms by offering a funding solution to the costs of running commercial litigation disputes under several different national laws and jurisdictions.

Litigation funding involves paying the legal bills of a claimant in exchange for a share of the proceeds on success. If there is no success in the litigation, there is no repayment. Litigation funding is an investment in the litigation alongside the claimant and is not a loan.

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Recent acquisitions have seen Vannin expand rapidly into Europe and Australasia

Vannin provides a funding solution which eliminates the risk of litigation and unlocks the possibilities for claimant and lawyer to help achieve a successful outcome to a claim the potential in which would not otherwise be realised.

Founded in 2010, the company is the world's largest private equity backed litigation funder and the most active in the UK market. Vannin's team comprises senior judges, QCs, solicitors and barristers with international experience across many jurisdictions.

Vannin has provided funding for cases where the expected quantum of damages ranges from £5 million to in excess of £1 billion.


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When it comes to business acquisitions, Bramden's skill is in speed and efficiency of process. Using our extended network of in-house specialists, we swiftly build up a detailed understanding of the business offering and the possibilities for future growth and value enhancement. With access to our own "War Chest" of capital and short reporting lines, we avoid a drawn out credit or investment approval process. On a number of occasions we have seen multi-million pound acquisitions progress from initial enquiry to completion in less than a month.

We perform extremely detailed due diligence, but our tried and tested process is very efficient, allowing us to quickly gain the

information and comfort we need to decide if the opportunity is suitable for investment, whilst causing minimal disruption to the business and its management team.

Our Acquisitions Team adopt a broad-minded approach to target selection. At any point in time we will be tracking a variety of companies that we believe may be suitable for acquisition to strengthen our group. Whilst there has been a tendency to target companies and sectors that complement our existing portfolio of businesses, we are willing to consider any acquisition in any sector, providing there is a demonstrable opportunity for significant post-investment added value.

ACHQ is now processing over 170,023,692 transactions each year,
a 50% year on year increase in volume since its acquisition

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ACHQ customers include national banks, insurance and healthcare companies

With over 80 years of cumulative industry knowledge, ACHQ has now become one of the leading players in in this multi-billion dollar sector. ACHQ continues to achieve significant revenue growth, thanks to a strong management team and exceptional staff.

With a presence in multiple US States, the business is ideally placed to offer its first class service to business customers throughout the United States who are looking for a more efficient and streamlined Payment Processing Provider.

ACHQ is a US based Payment Processor that Bramden acquired in 2010. Having identified an opportunity to enter this high growth market, the deal moved from initial due diligence to completion in 32 days.

Working closely with the existing management team, Bramden rebranded and streamlined the processes and systems of the business within the first six months. This has resulted in a 300% increase in the volume of payments processed since acquisition.

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Our real strength lies in the post-investment activity that leads to value creation and enhancement. As a "hands-on" investor we don't just sit back and wait to receive the next monthly report or accounts. We take pride in getting involved with the business and working in true partnership with the management team. We invest capital, infrastructure and expertise into every business. Our team will be there to share the difficult decisions and ultimately find and seize the opportunities that will result in shareholder value enhancement.

Bramden's network of businesses and business partners gives us unrivalled access to a range of technical specialists and skills. For example, our data analysis team may work with the industry specialist management team to develop sophisticated financial models to stress test a matrix of scenarios for future business growth.

Similarly, our team of software developers may design an online customer interface, or real-time reporting portal. We have the expertise and access to in-house specialists to provide a significant advantage to any growing business.

Thanks to the lessons we have learnt from many successful investments, we recognise that a modern business needs to be adaptable to change, as well as having access to finance to quickly capitalise when opportunities present themselves. Our support to both our start-up investments and business acquisitions regularly extends beyond the funds initially committed so that when a complimentary acquisition or a major technological enhancement comes along that will result in value creation, we provide the support needed to take the business to the next level.

2012 saw Tiger Names purchase 186,178 domain names to add to its growing portfolio, making it
one of the largest Direct Navigation Traffic Managers worldwide

Tiger Names is a start-up venture specialising in internet domain portfolio acquisition, management and search engine optimisation together with a diverse range of associated services and skills.

The company is registered in the Isle of Man, where a first class IT infrastructure and support system has allowed the business to firmly establish itself as one of the world's premier domain name holding and management companies.

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Websites managed by Tiger Names have more than 100 million unique visitors a year

From its headquarters in the Isle of Man, the company has spread its roots and developed an extensive network of international partners in the USA, UK and Western Europe.

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Bramden is an Isle of Man based Private Equity firm with a refreshingly different approach to Investment. We invest in people and their ideas to help them create successful and dynamic businesses.

Whether it's a start-up, management buy-out or outright acquisition we invest our financial capital, expertise and resources into businesses where there is significant opportunity for value creation and value enhancement.

Call us on +44 (0)1624 654 050, or if you have an investment proposal please fill out the form below and we will get back to you to discuss the opportunity.

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Current Vacancies

From time to time Bramden has career opportunities in various fields of its business. These are wide ranging and include:

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